'OG' Octo Grid (Grid & Liner only)

Sale price$29.99

Octo Grids are made from Galvanized Steel fencing, to provide the strength and support for those larger and heavier plants. The Hydro Wick fits tightly inside and is held in place by two braces.

**This product does not include a Grow Sleeve. Octo Grids do not fit with regular Grow Sleeves.  Liners are made specifically for Octo Grids and provide added benefits.


  • Liners are easier to use and cost less to replace.
  • Liners are reusable, hand wash and dry.
  • The Liner is made from Non-Woven Needle Punched Polypropylene.
  • The double layer Liner provides extra insulation to plant roots and improve evaporative cooling.
  • The outside surface of the Liner stays dryer than the single layer Grow Sleeve. 
  • Liner measures 33" x 39
**Octopot Hybrid Grow Systems not included
Size: 2 pack