Octo-Grid Liners - 6 Pack

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Replacement Liners for Octogrid - 6 Pack

**This product does not include an Octogrid. Octo Grids do not fit with regular Grow Sleeves.  Liners are made specifically for Octo Grids and provide added benefits.


  • Liners are easier to use and cost less to replace.
  • Liners are reusable, hand wash and dry.
  • The Liner is made from Non-Woven Needle Punched Polypropylene.
  • The double layer Liner provides extra insulation to plant roots and improve evaporative cooling.
  • The outside surface of the Liner stays dryer than the single layer Grow Sleeve. 
  • Liner measures 33" x 39

**Octopot Hybrid Grow Systems not included