Clinton Township, MI - November 7, 2015

I love Octopots!

Adding Octopots to my garden helped increase my yield while creating less work for me.  That’s a win/win!  The assembly is pretty easy and the Octopot allows for 5+ gallons to be in the reservoir which lasts me about a week!  It allows the plants to "eat" when they are ready which promotes better nutrient uptake and a healthier plant and we all know if the plant is healthy then it will yield the best output. I'll never use standard pots again Octopots are here to stay in my garden!!

American Cannabis Consulting 

Brent, Colorado

June 3, 2015

Thank you very much for allowing us to try the system.  It is definitely a great competitor in this industry, and I think it will sell very well.  (Octopots are) a viable method to get great yields and added quality over typical hydroponic growing styles.  I definitely think the system is a direct competitor for all of the under current, deep water, ebb and grow, and other automated hydroponic systems, with the added benefit of soil. So after the harvest, yield results are good.  I harvested 1.74 lbs. on the light, good hydroponic numbers.  The system was easy to run in terms of adding fertilizers, water and what not.


Southwestern Michigan – July 22, 2014

Better than Hydro or Soil Growing

I told you a while back that i would write a testimonial, better late than never! I first saw the Octopot system at a trade show in Traverse City. I was very skeptical that plants could grow well in any dirt/hydro hybrid system. I did some research, and after some though,t I ordered 2 units to run on a trial bases. The Octopot was able to surpass all my expectations! After seeing how well the plants responded in the first 2 units, I switched the entire room! I have grown indoors in both hydro and soil. The plants are much happier and healthier than with either single method. Quality is better than with hydro and quantity is higher than with dirt. Give Octopots a trial run yourself – you will be hooked!

Samual H.

Waterford, Michigan

Best Growing System Period

I appreciate your time and your Octopot. It is in my humble opinion, the best growing system period. I will never use anything else (and I have used several grow systems).

John L.

Co-owner Oakland & Lapeer Hydroponics and Garden Center (Howz it Growing Hydro)

Successful Right Away!

Like any product, we at Oakland & Lapeer Hydro are very skeptical until we try the product out. After using the Octopot System ourselves we have been urging our customers to try them. The individual systems are very easy to use. The plants from start to finish look absolutely wonderful. The plants are never under or overfed and the product finishes out better than ever. I always show personal pictures from our own gardens and customers always leave with at least one and within 1-2 months they are always back to fill their rooms with them. Being Michiganders we love to hunt and fish and hang out up north for the weekend and the Octopot gives me the ability to do so without worry. We love the fact that in veg the plants are fed every 7-10 days and in flower every 3-7 days. Any store can sell an Octopot, but buying from a store that uses them definitely is a great advantage to any customer that wants to jump in and be successful right away.

Bill W.

Co-owner of Happy Harvesters Hydroponics – Waterford, Michigan

Brilliantly Simple

We at Happy Harvesters are extremely impressed with the performance of the Octopot system. Such a simple yet BRILLIANT concept. I ran a side to side test with similar plants, one in the Octopot and the other in a standard pot, and the results were absolutely AMAZING. The plant in the Octopot was literally twice the size which meant my yield was about double (YEEEEHAAA). The stalk of the plant was also about four times the diameter of the other plant due to quick and efficient uptake of the nutrients. The performance of the system was really close to that of a DWC hydroponic system in regards to ease and speed yet reaped the benefits of soil grown plants, especially in regards to taste and quality. I was so impressed, I took pictures of the plants to show my customers who are now lining up to place orders, especially the diehard soil growers who refuse to go hydro but are tired of the headaches and inconvenience of hand watering. Another HUGE benefit I noticed with using the large 6 gallon reservoir was that I literally could walk away for over a week and not need to worry about watering. It was completely automated through the slow wicking process. WOW. I can finally take a vacation with no worries. I’m currently switching all of my soil plants to Octopots then booking a trip to Florida. Life is good.


Michigan Great Success!

I have been using the system for a few months now and have really enjoyed it. I have to leave for business a lot and leave my plants unattended for a few days on end. This Octopot is perfect for someone like me and it keeps my mind at ease knowing my plants have fresh water for the weekend. Great costumer service as well. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Aaron M.,

Allen Park, Michigan

Awesome and Amazing!

The Octopots are AMAZING! I did a test run with one that I got from you guys at an Expo and I’m sold! I would like to get more of these. I actually did a side by side comparison to just soil and the results were awesome!

Scire Aquaponics

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Simple and Reliable

We are real excited to be using Octopots in our garden. This is the second year we are using Octopots and I can’t say enough about the simplicity and reliability of this growing system! Looking forward to enjoying Black Krim Tomatoes this summer!