Set Up Growing Environment for Cloning

Cloning in an Octopot Grow System
Cutting to Harvest in One Pot

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SET UP:  Growing Environment

´A 6 gallon Gro Sleeve was filled with Black Gold potting soil by Sun Gro.  The Gro Sleeve with soil was placed in a 3 gallon Octopot Hydro Reservoir and installed into a 4’x4’x7’ grow tent with several other plants. The larger plants shaded it to begin with. The tent was lit with a 1000 watt Hortilux MH bulb in a vented and enclosed hood. Temperatures ranged in the 70’s and 80’s.


´Most traditional cloning containers require humidity domes to control moisture levels so one was mounted on the Octopot Grow System after the cutting was planted.  The Clone Dome™ consists of two strands of steel wire which form a Gothic arch frame over which a clear poly bag is placed.  There are slots in the top of the Clone Dome™ for air circulation.