Plant Growth from Clone

Cloning in an Octopot Grow System
Cutting to Harvest in One Pot

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Plant growth

After 8 days the clone perked up. The clone showed slow growth until it became more established, then it began to grow quickly.




The unrooted clone developed roots that grew into the Hydro Reservoir.  The Octopot Grow System automatically hydrated and oxygenated the plant.  Leaves and stems appeared very healthy.


´The plant was grown nine weeks from cutting before going into the flowering stage.  By the look and size of the plant, it could have been placed into flowering much sooner.  Putting the plant into flower meant moving the Gro Sleeve with plant from the 3 gallon Hydro Reservoir into the larger six gallon Hydro Reservoir.

´Transferring Gro Sleeve with plant into the larger Hydro Reservoir was simple to do.  No transplanting was required with the Octopot Grow System.  The lighting was switched onto a flowering light schedule. 




´Flowering was done in an open portion of the room with other plants under Hortilux 1000 watt HPS bulbs in enclosed 6” ducted enclosures. The plant continued to grow well after being placed into flowering. Flowers began to appear after about a week. The plant expanded quickly and needed support when the buds became too heavy. The plant did very well until the last two weeks of flowering when excessive heat caused the buds to stretch.

´The light schedule for flowering was mixed. The alternative lighting schedule of 6 hours on and 18 hours off was tried for the first half of flowering. After observing the negative effect of reducing light on this and other plants in the growing space the schedule was changed. The second half of flowering went to traditional 12 on 12 off timing.




Root Architecture

´It was hypothesized that the plant roots would form a modified taproot system and they did.  Three main roots clearly emerged from the unrooted cutting planted in the Octopot Grow System.  It was observed that a few secondary roots and smaller fibrous roots also grew from the clone.  The root system spread throughout the soil in the Gro Sleeve then sent roots down into the Hydro Reservoir.

´In comparison, root structures developed from clones started in cups of soil had a dense mass in the shape of the cup they were grown in.  These plant roots are typically so dense that they cannot easily be pried apart to remove the soil.  Conversely, it was observed after harvest that the majority of soil fell off the “Octo-Clone” plant roots easily.

´In conclusion: It is possible to grow a large cannabis plant from a an unrooted cutting to harvest in a single pot.  The Octopot Grow System with Clone Dome™ was successful and in fact may be superior to other methods of growing.

´Three more trials are being undertaken to test the effect of extreme temperatures on the clones in the Octopot Grow Systems.  Cuttings have been placed in the Clone Dome™ and grown in much cooler and much hotter temperatures. In spite of the poor temperature condition, results have been very positive.