How to Plant a Clone

Cloning in an Octopot Grow System
Cutting to Harvest in One Pot

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SET UP: Planting the clone

´The cutting was dipped into a powder rooting agent.  A tool was used to make a hole in the soil for the cutting so that rooting powder was not displaced when planting.  The clone was inserted and soil was carefully packed around it.  It was planted about 1 ½”-2” deep.

´Between 1 – 2 quarts of nutrient free water was poured over the top of the cutting in the soil as per the Octopot Planting Instructions.

´Approximately 1 ½ gallons of vegetative nutrient solution was placed into the Hydro Reservoir.  The nutrient solution measured approximately 600 ppm with a pH of 6.7.  A variety of nutrients were used throughout the grow cycles.