The Forming of Taproots in Cannabis Clones

Cloning in an Octopot Grow System
Cutting to Harvest in One Pot

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Plant roots in traditional cloners
One of the consequences of current cloning production techniques is that plant cuttings fail to develop taproots.

  • Taproots form naturally on seedlings, part of the reason seedling plants grow stronger than typical cutting plants
  • Taproots anchor and grow more aggressively than normal cutting roots
  • During traditional cloning in both hydroponic and soil systems many root primordia form on a cutting and compete for food and water

These roots typically stay the same size, are fibrous and massed, and spread around the container equally to fill the space.

´The unique design of the Octopot Grow System with two distinct growing environments led to this experiment. An Octopot Grow System has both a soil environment and a hydroponic environment where roots grow. The two growing environments are connected together by a Hydro Wick Platform. This design allows plants growing in soil to be constantly and consistently hydrated.

´Would there be enough hydration in Octopot’s Gro Sleeve to establish an “Octo-Clone”?