Octopot Grow Systems pH Balance for Improved Plant Health

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Octopot’s soil hydro hybrid design creates a buffer allowing for wider pH swings over an extended period of time without damaging plant quality.  This mitigates grower error that can damage plant health and yields.  Remember, pH is a changing condition that requires growers to be vigilant, especially in hydroponic systems.  Octopots need less attention than other growing methods.

In general, it is important to get it right to begin with and let it naturally fluctuate over time.  In the ideal range different nutrients will loosen up at different rates.  Going up and down will allocate those nutrients more evenly and effectively.

Octopots pH Balance

Octopots – Easy Access for pH meters

What is pH? 

the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.  The concentration of hydrogen ions in pure water around room temperature is considered neutral and is measured at 7.  This is the point where the concentration of hydrogen ions is equal to the hydroxide ions in solution.  The process of dissociation splits H20 molecules into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxide particles (OH-).  If there are more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions then it is acidic. If there are more hydroxide ions than hydrogen ions then it is alkaline, or basic.

Why is pH Important For Plant Health?

The ability of plants to extract nutrients from their environment is helped or hindered by their environments pH.  The pH determines the form each nutrient appears in.  The form of each nutrient affects availability to the plant.  Adjust it in order to ease access of the nutrient to the roots.   Think of it as a “loosening up” like the lid of a jar, so to speak.  Furthermore, most nutrients are formed to work in a certain range.

What Ph Is Best For Cannabis?

All plants have a particular optimum pH range.  Cannabis in the wild grows in soils with a range of  6.2 – 6.9.  The suggested range for growing domesticated cannabis is 6.0-7.0 in soil and 5.5-6.5 hydroponically.

What pH is best in Octopot Grow Systems?

Octopot Grow Systems work well with a range of 6.3-6.7.  Running an acidic solution may lock out the roots in the soil filled Gro-Sleeve®.  If you are using a traditional hydroponic media in the Gro-Sleeve® (such as coco coir) you may run toward the low end of the range.

The time to test and adjust your pH is before you fill the Octopot Hydro-Reservoir.  Get a good tester and some adjusting fluid.  Test after you put in your nutrients.  Don’t over agitate.  Stir slowly to mix to avoid spiking your pH due to dissociation, as described below.

Octopot Grow Systems Do Not Need Aeration – Air Stones and Bubblers Can Cause Ph Swings

If you want pumps, stones, hoses, and the noise and higher electric bills and stuff, go ahead.  But beware, when bubblers are used to excess it dissociates the nutrient solution and spikes the pH down.  The design of the Octopot Grow System is based on replicating the environment found in nature like a tree that grows next to a pond.  Plants in Octopot Grow Systems have two distinct sets of roots with different root architecture:  terrestrial roots in soil and aquatic roots in water.  The scale and proportion of the Octopot Grow System are calculated so that natural processes allow the plant to get all the air and water it needs.  When bubblers or air stones are used to excess it dissociates the solution and spikes the pH down.  Available oxygen is depleted or pushed out and roots will suffocate and die.

Don’t let Grower ERROR Hurt Your Garden

Follow Octopot Grow System instructions and recommendations included in every box, and available at Octopot.com.  For more instructions and tips visit Octopot’s YouTube Channel or call Octopot directly at 855-Octopot (628-6768).



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