Commercial Growers

Octopots Deliver High Performance Plant Production Expected By Professional Growers


Octopot’s patented soil hydroponic hybrid design creates an efficient ecosystem that utilizes the processes of natural plant physiology to maximize plant growth while conserving resources. Octopot Grow Systems simplify cultivation for growers by creating the correct environment for plants to naturally thrive without extra costly inputs.


Top Yielding


Octopot’s revolutionary design creates the correct environment for plants to develop to their highest potential producing quality yields. Plants in Octopots receive optimum amounts of water, nutrients and oxygen continuously which accelerates plant growth and improves plant health for quality yields.



-Octopots dual root zone design dramatically lowers the risk of plant loss and protects yields

-Octopots buffer against plant loss from human error specifically dehydration and over-fertilization

-Octopots protect plants against damage and loss from improper wateringCommercial3


-Octopots require no electricity so power outages don’t result in plant loss as in hydroponic growing

-Octopot’s simple design eliminates the risk of plant loss from clogged lines or failed equipment


Save Time


Octopots automatically deliver reliable consistent watering and feeding up to 10+ days without electricity so you can take your best man off watering and save labor costs. The Octopot Grow System is a clean, low maintenance system – just set it and forget it.


-Connect multiple Octopots to a gravity fed water reservoir or external water source for extended periods of hydration in large grow facilities

-Custom designs are available to fit any size indoor or outdoor space, Warehouse, Greenhouse, High Tunnel




-Add a fertilizer injector to an external water source to eliminate another labor intensive task

-Octopots are a closed loop system with no messy waste to clean up


Commercial6-Octopots dual root zone design produces multiple harvests from one plant – saving labor costs for replanting


Each Spicy Globe Basil plant was harvested six times during the growing season in the Midwest – after each harvest the plant continued to produce which eliminated labor and resources for replanting




Save Money


Octopot’s sustainable design accelerates plant growth producing abundant yields with less effort, less maintenance, less risk of plant loss and fewer resources.

-Octopots do not require costly electricity or added equipment

-Octopots are a closed loop system that wastes nothing from wash out so fertilizer/nutrient use is reduced by one half or more


-Octopot use far less soil than pots or fabric bags because the dual root zoneMain-Image design doubles root mass. Plants grown in the 6 gallon Octopot Grow System are similar in size to plants grown in 15 gallon containers yet Octopots only need 6 gallons of soil

-Octopot’s closed system creates no waste and protects the environment by preventing fertilizers and nutrient solutions from leaching into the water table. This feature is especially important for the increasing number of states where intensive climate controlled agriculture is a vital part of the economy

-Octopots waste no water making them a sustainable growing method for growers in states with water restrictions

-Urban Farmers paying for city water save money and eliminate waste

-Octopot’s design reduces the need for costly added chemical treatments

Commercial8-Unlike fabric bags and plastic pots, Octopots prevent plant roots from contact with the ground when used outdoors eliminating the need to chemically treat plants for soil borne diseases

-Octopots greatly reduce the need to weed eliminating the use of herbicides

-Octopots create soil conditions that are unfavorable for fungus gnat reproduction reducing the need for pesticides – See FAQ for details

-Octopots can be easily integrated into any established indoor or outdoor growing facility

-New growers can get started without a substantial investment – start with a small number of Octopots and scale up as profits increase

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