About Us

Octopot’s Inventor

Chris Jaworski is a professional horticulturalist, inventor, artist and entrepreneur with an education and solid background in agriculture.  Chris grew up on a working family farm, and chose horticulture as his lifetime career.  His fervent desire for farm life has inspired all his businesses and his art.  Chris and his wife Robin are the owners and manufacturers of Octopot Grow Systems.  Octopot offers innovative products that deliver high performance plant production with less effort using fewer resources for businesses and individuals who cultivate for profit and passion.



Our Story

I grew up on a farm in South Bend, Indiana where our family raised animals and grew crops.  We sold fresh produce from a hay wagon under the Sycamore tree in our front yard.   Customers would fill their trunks with bushels of produce for freezing and canning.  Life on the farm was difficult but very rewarding.  I was the only child of five who embraced a future of farming.  I earned my degree in Horticulture at Purdue University.  The sudden death of my Father required me to take over our family farm during my senior year.

The devastating loss of our ancestral farm to greedy family members forced my newly widowed Mother to find a new home for her children.  I eagerly accepted my Mother’s generous offer to purchase a new farm so Jaworski Farm Market could continue.  Naïve but determined, I soon realized that it would be impossible to sustain the new family farm by growing and selling food as my Father and Grandfather had done.  Jaworski Farm Market like other local food producers could not compete with the new supermarkets that shipped produce in from all over the world, and offered the convenience of processed foods.  America’s shift to factory farms changed my life.




Determined to make the new farmstead a success, Jaworski Farm Market became Jaworski Landscape and Nursery.  For two decades I grew my retail business by operating an independent garden center specializing in the sale of unique species of perennial flowers, trees, and shrubs, and offering custom ornamental landscape design and installation. After 20 years in business another market shift forced me to make a major change.  Independent Garden Centers around the nation began to disappear.  New big box stores like Walmart offered cheaper plant prices than Independents could.  Landscape sales slowed as Baby Boomers retired.  Rolling with the flow, I moved my family and business to a smaller farmstead in Michigan where I began to work on creative aspirations.  Jaworski Landscape and Nursery, Inc. became Jaworski Studio and Gardens offering landscape services and sculpture sales.




our-story-page-3-188x250My Inspiration for Octopot

While landscaping for a client, I saw three poor tomato plants struggling to survive at the edge of a weed filled garden.  I realized that many people had a desire to grow, but often lacked the time, the space or the knowledge needed to be successful. My goal was to create a solution for my client, so I formed prototypes for my new garden invention.  The objective was to design a simple, efficient, low risk growing system that anyone with or without gardening or farming experience could have success with.  The first prototype successfully grew eight plants in a self-watering vertical container, and resembled an octopus.  My daughter called it an Octopot.  Although my prototypes and product line has evolved since then, we call our company Octopot in honor of the original design.

our-story-page-6-223x300The Future of Farming

Health concerns, economic instability, environmental challenges and political change in America have opened new doors for Modern Farmers and Entrepreneurs. Market demand for increased access to healthy affordable foods and natural medicines is giving new life to local agricultural production.  Rural and urban farming enterprises are offering organic food and specialty crops for emerging local markets. 

Legal marijuana is among the fastest-growing markets in the United States, and it's growing at a rate poised to outpace the expansion of the global smartphone market, according to a new report obtained exclusively by The Huffington Post in 2013.

Farmers challenged by environmental changes are seeking alternative growing methods such as climate controlled growing to protect crops against droughts, floods, and shorter growing seasons. Agricultural innovations and sustainable growing methods are necessary as we face the inevitable environmental and social challenges of climate change, land scarcity and population growth.  

At Octopot, we offer innovative products and support services that deliver high performance production with less effort using fewer resources for businesses and individuals who cultivate for profit and passion.  Contact Octopot at 855/628-6768 if you need information about products for your growing business, or starting your own agricultural enterprise.