Can you Clone & Harvest in Same Pot?

Cloning in an Octopot Grow System
Cutting to Harvest in One Pot

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An experiment was conducted to determine the effectiveness of starting a Cannabis stem cutting directly in an Octopot Grow System.


Cannabis clones are typically started in a specialized container then transplanted into larger containers until the plant goes into the flowering stage. Cloning can be a complicated, labor intensive process and the risk of failure can be high, especially for beginners.

The Objective:

  • To grow a plant to harvest from an unrooted cutting usingan Octopot Grow System
  • To eliminate the act of transplanting, and prevent the risk of plant damage and/or plant loss from transplant shock
  • To shorten the plant’s crop cycle

Can a cutting be grown to harvest in an Octopot? Let’s Find Out!