Flowering Stage 2 – Growing Cannabis Indoors

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Soil Grown Marijuana Indoors – Container Comparison

During the second half of the flowering stage, it was observed that the plant in the fiber pot outperformed the plant in the plastic pot. The plant in the plastic pot developed curled and yellow leaves between weeks 4 and 5. It was determined that the plant stress was caused in part by over watering.


The container under the plastic pot was removed during this time to improve air movement. The growth of the plant in the plastic pot slowed considerably and never caught up with the other two plants. Over watering was an issue that the plant in the plastic pot never recovered from completely.

Failing to take into account the physical composition of each pot led to an unfavorable outcome for the plant in the plastic pot.

The hard sided plastic pot restricts air from entering the soil or growing media.

This unequal exchange of water and air contributed to the overwatering of the plant in the plastic pot.

Although the plants in the plastic pot and the fiber pot received the same amounts of water the plastic pot held the water longer and suffocated the plant roots.

During the vegetative stage, when water availability is crucial, the plastic pot outperformed the fabric pot. During flowering, air seems more crucial to root health. This is when the fabric pot outperformed the plastic pot.

The ability of the Octopot Grow System to provide a proper balance of air and water to the plant was most evident during flowering, with the largest gain in size at this time.

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