Water for Beginner Cannabis Grow

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Soil Grown Marijuana Indoors – Container Comparison

Well water with a starting ppm range around 100 was used. Water was stored in a 55 gallon external tank. Nutrients were added to the water and a recirculating pump ran on a timer 15 minutes every 2 hours to keep the water nutrient solution well mixed inside the tank. The recirculating pump was not run constantly in order to avoid pH swings.

All plants were watered from the same water tank. During the vegetative stage, the plastic pot and the fabric pot were watered every 7-10 days. Water was added to the plastic pot and the fabric pot by hand over the top of the soil until it began to drain out the bottom of the pot.

They were watered in fairly equal amounts at the same time until the 4th to 5th week of flowering. At that time, the plant in the plastic pot showed stress from overwatering.

From that point on, the plastic pot was watered less than the fabric pot.

During the vegetative stage the Octopot Grow System’s 3 gallon Hydro Reservoir was used for watering and feeding. Only one over the top watering was given to the plant in the Octopot at the time of transplanting the cutting as per the instructions. During the flowering stage the Octopot Gro Sleeve with plant and soil was moved into Octopot’s 6 Gallon Hydro Reservoir following the directions from the website. Plants in both the fabric pot and the plastic pot required watering every 4 to 6 days during early and late phase flowering. During peak growth water was applied to the plastic pot and the fabric pot every 3-4 days. Water and nutrients were delivered to the Octopot via its Auto – Fill System. (SEE BELOW)


Octopot’s Gro Sleeve holds 6 gallons of growing media similar to the plastic pot and fabric pot. Throughout all stages of growth the Octopot Grow System was watered from a control reservoir which supplies the Octopot’s Hydro Reservoir with the water/nutrient solution from the same external water tank used for watering and feeding the other two plants.

The fabric and plastic pots were placed in basins to capture excess water and nutrients from wash out. Over the top watering was done to allow a minimum amount of run off. Excess water was absorbed or evaporated generally within 24 hours. There is no run off or washout in the Octopot Grow System because it is a closed system. All plants were watered with nutrient free water during the last 10 days of flowering.


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