Grow Marijuana Indoors in Soil

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Soil Grown Marijuana Indoors – Container Comparison

A side by side comparison of the growth of three cannabis plants was carried out to determine efficacy of three soil bearing plant containers. The plant containers used in this comparison include: one 7 gallon plastic nursery pot, one 7 gallon fabric pot and one 6 gallon Octopot Grow System.

The goal of this observation was to determine effectiveness of three soil containers commonly used to grow both Medical and Legal Recreational Cannabis.

Inputs such as specialized training of plants, optimum nutrient formulations, CO2 addition and optimum temperature and humidity were not introduced.

This was a beginners level grow simulation.

The test plants were cultivated in two stages:

  • Until harvest
  • Vegetative and flowering

The comparison is an observation test with only one plant per group. Further studies with adequate numbers and advanced growing methods may be carried out for more complete data.

Cuttings were taken from one Cannabis hybrid: ‘New York Atomic’, a cross of ‘Chernobyl’ and ‘New York City Diesel’. The cuttings were rooted in 14 ounce plastic cups for approximately 3 weeks in Black and Gold soil mix by Sungro before they were transplanted into:

  • one fabric pot
  • one plastic pot
  • one Octopot Grow System.



No evidence of transplant shock was observed in any of the plants used for this observation test.

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